Fair Trade - Colombia

August 25, 2017

The first stop on our Fair Trade adventure took us to Columbia to film coffee cutivation, which felt so familiar and honestly really great to be back. This time we were here not for A Film about Coffee but to cover the story of how Fair Trade's unique opportunity Fund works across different global commodities, improving the lives of the communities, where the workers and farmers live. Coffee was the first of 3 products we would explore.

We were based in a small town in the west Andes called Anserma, that used to be known as the coffee triangle. It is still the largest industry for this area. We were graciously hosted by the local Coperativa Anserma and warmly welcomed into the homes and fincas of some of their local farmers. We were fortunate to attend a dental clinic whilst there, that is one of the projects funded by the Fair Trade fund and covers the farmers and their families. It was a pretty spectacular trip all in all, the Columbian locals' incredible hospitality, together with breathtaking views, made it pretty hard to forget.